My Remote

It has been several years since I decided to share my station with the entire world.  It started when I got my new Icom 7600 transceiver. I now have an Icom 7610 transceiver.  After I learned how to operate it; got acquainted with all of it’s buttons and features, I realized that it would be more fun if I could share it with others.  As it was when I got my pilots license, I got a lot more enjoyment out of taking others “up” for a ride, showing them how smooth flying could be and what the world looked like from a 4 passenger single engine airplane.

Today, 3/23/20, I have 812 users on my N4GYN Remote via  Their software has changed the world of remote operating for a majority of hams who are unable to have their own station setup, perhaps due to HOA restrictions or travel or apartment living, etc.  By just going to and signing up for FREE, and downloading their Client software (RCForb.exe) anyone can use a remote station such as mine.  If you are a licensed Ham you can obtain transmit (and other control) privileges.  I have approved users from many countries such as Italy, Germany, England, Norway, Bulgaria, Brazil, etc.  They must speak English and be able to communicate with me in order to gain permission to transmit on my station.

I’m ageing, rapidly it seems, and it may not be long before we have to downsize and move away from this wonderful home we have owned for about 12 years now.  Then I will also need to use someone else’s radio to enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Meanwhile, I hope my remote provides a means for you to be radio-active and enjoy the hobby.

Ray – N4GYN
Buford, GA