Operating the KPA1500

1. Select TX Meter = SWR (Tx Mtr drop-down on radio controls)

2. Select the correct antenna (ADR-2200 Switch). 
* 40M Delta Loop for 40 thru 10 Meters (less noise)
* 80-10M Wire for 80 thru 10 Meters
* 20-10M Yagi for 20 thru 10 Meters (N/A until Spring)

3. Click PWR button on the amplifier.    

When AMP is OFF, use the Radio TUNE button.
Be sure the amp is showing STBY mode
If OPER is highlighted, click the STBY button.  

5. Click the OPER button on the amp.  

6. Transmit. (TXd)

When you Transmit, watch the audio stream at the top of your “client”.
Set your mic level to only occasionally show color there.  If you see orange or red color, you are over driving the audio.  If you do not see any color ever, your mic may be set too low.  Use the MIC slider at the top of your client to adjust the level.
HINT: once you have moved it with your mouse, you can fine-adjust it with the mouse roller while resting on the mic control slider.

When you are finished Turn OFF the AMP by clicking the PWR button. No need to click STBY first.

Example of RCForb appearance.
Your RCForb Client should look something like this. ADR 2200 Antenna Switch and KPA1500 and Rotator control on the right side of the client.