Operating the KPA1500

1. Select TX Meter = SWR
(left side of radio controls)

2. Click PWR button on the amplifier.    
– Be sure the amp does NOT show ATU = ON
– IF ATU is turned ON, click the ATU button to turn it OFF
– The BYP button should be now be ON.  

3. Be sure the amp is showing STBY mode selected (highlighted). 
If OPER is highlighted, click the STBY button.  

4. Select the correct antenna
(on the ADR-2200 Switch, not on the amp). 
40M Delta Loop for 40 meters (less noise)
80-10M Wire for 80 thru 10 Meters
20-10M Yagi for 20 thru 10 Meters (with gain)  

5. Click on the TUNE button on the radio controls.  The MFJ-998 IntelliTuner should tune the system to a very low SWR.     
IF it won’t tune to a low SWR, do the following:        
* Save your current frequency to the SUB VFO by clicking the M=S button on the radio.        
* Change the MAIN VFO to the other end of the band, and click the TUNE button on the radio again. If = good SWR, click M/S button to return to your original frequency.        
* IF no good SWR, change frequency (Main VFO) to a frequency midway between that and your original desired frequency.        
* Click the TUNE button on radio again.  Repeat this process until you obtain a low SWR.  

6. Click the OPER button on the amp.  

7.  Transmit. (TXd)
Example of RCForb appearance.
Your RCForb Client should look something like this. ADR 2200 Antenna Switch and KPA1500 and Rotator control on the right side of the client.